Our Vision

 “It is scientifically established fact that 50% of intelligence develops during 0-5 years. Hence this is the best time to focus on developing the overall personality of the kid. The Smile Kids recognizes that children learn best through direct experience, play, exploration and inquiry. Children at Smile Kids learn to think, reason, question and experiment as they participate in hands-on activities with a variety of open-ended materials. The curriculum at Smile Kids is scientifically designed which adopts an integrated and holistic approach to learning”

Our Motto

Our mission is to help each child to realize the breath of his; the unlimited power of his mind & imagination and strength of his spirit to ensure his all-round development. We want to enable each child to cope with the ever-growing challenges of life through continuous learning. We are poised to fulfil our part of social responsibility with a future focused approach.

Role of Our Teachers

The role of the teachers at Smile Kids is that of a facilitator, who facilitates learning and skill development of a child. All our teachers have a consistent, predictable and nurturing relationship with children and parents. The teachers are also warm and caring, they understand that each child is unique and make special efforts to cater to the needs of every child. Our staff undergoes regular in-service training and is kept up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development. Our teachers base their daily lesson plans on the following philosophy:

Expectations from Parents

You're a big part of our program. We'll keep you involved at every step At Smile Kids, it is our conviction that parents are our active partners in ensuring the best all-round development of the children. We want parents to play their role effectively for that there are some inputs:

Ways to Actively engage your child